Managing Driver Information & Compliance


The Driver Information Management System makes administration easy through direct integration with our learning management platform.  The system tracks all required driver information including licence number, expiry, and type as well as medical certification and Hazmat endorsement when applicable.  By updating this information and entering a licence expiry, automatic email notifications will let drivers, supervisors, and system administrators know about expiring licences 90 days before the expiry date.


The Driver Information Management System allows you to upload required documents, including driver’s abstracts, licences, work history, collision information, annual assessments, traffic violations, medical certifications, release forms, and vehicle use agreements.  The list can be customized according to company needs. 


Uploaded files are accessible online to any system administrator and can be exported into an Excel spreadsheet, providing a summary of each driver’s name, ID, licence number, class, type, expiry, location, risk class, and any other documents loaded into the system.


The Driver Information Management System also allows you to track a driver’s training and certification as it is created.  Classroom and online courses can be tracked and compiled as each course is completed, giving you a real-time window into each driver’s compliance and permissions.  Through the system’s central course library, you can access leading driver training courses, including Hours of Service, Weights and Dimensions, Daily Trip Inspections, Cargo Securement, WHMIS, and TDG.


Advanced Functionality

Cloud Storage

Access files with mobile computing technology (smart phone and tablet) using our secure cloud-based system.

Excel Reporting

Manage large amounts of information for multiple drivers. Rank, filter, and manipulate data as needed using Excel reports.


Customize driver types and the documents you wish to manage. Include requirements for forklift, crane, or other equipment operators.

Training Certificates

Manage all certificates for all driver classroom and online training, and allow on-demand access for drivers and administrators.