Custom Forms & Inspections

With the Forms,  Assessments, and Inspections feature you can create, assign and schedule any type of form that your people may have to complete.  This allows organizations to drive performance in areas such as: verification and assessment of competency; site, equipment, environmental, and regulatory inspections; incident, near miss, and hazard ID reporting; as well as  hazard assessments, safe work permits, and more.


Forms can be schedule and assigned so that individuals are notified and prompted to complete the form in a specific time frame.  Images and video can be made available inside the digital form to clearly show what should be observed.  This can help ensure that the form is completed properly and consistently.  For example, this feature can be used to assess, verify and track worker competency after having completed initial training.  Video and images in the form will show the assessor what is expected of the trainee and the assessor can also take and upload video and images of the trainee performing tasks into the form to show that the trainee performed the task properly and has shown himself to be competent. 


With API Integration the form feature can be linked to move data to other  systems  For example, data from an incident report form can be automatically sent to existing incident or preventative maintenance systems to ensure that data is collected and stored where needed and to ensure that follow up items are completed as required.  

The options with this feature are endless and will make any process that used to involve paper forms more efficient.