Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Learn the answers to our most common questions about safety software, online courses, and compliance!

The price changes depending on how many users are using the system at once and which system features are turned on in your portal. Get in touch with a member of our customer care team for a thorough quote. We are happy to offer thorough estimates at any time!

Yes, we will send you a contract outlining the pricing we quoted you and all other pertinent terms and conditions as soon as you sign on as a client of clearlinesafety. However, unless you have purchased one of the course subscription packages, in which case it is a 1-year term, you are free to cancel at any time.

Six learning and compliance software components make up the clearlinesafety software, including the following:

Management of Training Records and the Learning Management System

Electronic Forms
Calendar for the classroom, Asset/Equipment Management for digital folders
You can employ any of them depending on what your business requires. To determine which option is ideal for you, get in touch with our customer support team!

Companies that offer safety training or consulting services for training can join our Network Partner programme. Your customers can visit the portal we build for you directly from your website and with a link to your store. On each course sold through your business, you receive a commission.

For more information or to sign up as a Reseller right now, contact the customer support staff.

During the checkout process, a bulk order discount will be automatically applied for some courses.

It is recommended to create a corporate account if you are buying courses for a large number of users. Depending on the volume, discounts might be applied.

Please get in touch with us so we can go over your alternatives.

You are free to select the ideal software options based on your requirements. You just pay for the Learning Management System module if that is all you require. If you also require access to Training Record Management and Digital Forms, we can activate those modules as well. Select all of them or any combinations that work best for your business since you only pay for the ones you activate. You have a choice!

To find out more, contact us.

The use of the programme does not come with free training sessions. However, you may add course subscriptions to monthly software payments for a small amount, which will save you thousands on training over the course of the year.

The Safety Essentials subscription is our most popular course subscription plan.

Yes, you must register for a clearlinesafety account in order to buy a course.

It takes only a moment to create an account. Please contact our live support team by phone at (403) 988-8493 or email at info@clearlinesafety.ca if you have any questions.

You must need a username and password to log in. When an account is created, the software generates a username. When you open an account, you choose a password.

Enter the email address used to establish the account if you can't remember your username.If that email isn't working, another email might have been used.

If you forget your password, you can click the "Forgot Password" link at any time to get an email with instructions.In case it was sent there, check your spam and junk email bins if you don't receive this.

If you're unsure, feel free to contact our support staff through phone at (403) 988-8493 or email. They would be delighted to assist!

Log into your account, select the Purchases page, and click "Receipt" next to each purchase to retrieve your receipt.

You can contact our customer service department at (403) 988-8493 or info@clearlinesafety.ca at any time.