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We Help People and Teams be Successful

We work with clients to deliver sustainable results in Operational Excellence, Safety Excellence And Leadership

Clearline Safety coordinates working with organizations to develop and implement safety programs that drive and improve operational and safety performance. As trusted advisors, we work with you in the office and in the field to deliver results that make sense, are practical, and that add value to the organization.

Improve your business performance and enable your success


We work with you to develop and coach your leaders in practical and straightforward aspects of safety management.  We engage and align individuals to build and implement sustainable solutions that deliver results.  We also work with you to develop and implement safety strategies that allow you to achieve your objectives and develop competency in your organization rather than ongoing dependency on our experts.

We help clients understand their situations

Based in Calgary, Alberta, we offer a team of that provides insight and practical expertise. Rather than seeking a one-size-fits-all approach, we use our knowledge to customize solutions. We help our clients think through their situations and build their own operational excellence.